Helping Veterans

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a challenge for some, and many folks don't understand. Navigating the V.A. alone can be frustrating. Our Legionnaires have the expertise it can take to facilitate an easier transition.

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Honoring Veterans

Post 742's Honor Guard stand at the ready to honor our fallen brothers and sisters. From our Annual Memorial Day Remembrance Program to a private graveside service, our commitment to veterans cannot be swayed to the very end.

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Community Service

Legionnaires of Post 742 are committed to serving the residents of Corona wherever and whenever needed. We help educate citizens on Americanism, provide support to local needy families, host free events for kids, and more.

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An affordable place to gather...

The Legionnaires of Post 742 have been working tirelessly to beautify their second home. This has given our 70+ year-old building new life and created a space the community can use as a resource for their gatherings. For parties up to 210 people, it's the ideal location to host your event.

There's always something happening.

Our American Legion Post is very active! We're happy to have you join us in our events. Between the Auxiliary Unit and Legionnaires, there is always an exciting event to prepare for and attend.

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